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Section 26

Vocabulary nº 4


: Transform

: Increase (from small thing to a large one)

 : Increase (in numbers)

: Decrease, Reduce

: Get Fat

: Look for (the eye looks in several directions)

: Find (The eye found the thing)

: To Lose (in a competition / see the mark )

: To Lose (something / from to have to not to have)

: No (a barrier)

: Yes (an opening, like an open door)

: To Carry

: Leave (he goes away from place)

: Leave (the hand leaves the thing, notice the arrow)

: Take (notice the arrow)

: To Speak (words come out of his mouth)

: To Say Aloud

: To Shout

: To Whisper

: To Grumble

: To Criticize

: To Sing

: To Breathe (remember the little dots represent air)

: To Blow

: Get, Obtain (hand taking some thing)

: To Overstate (a small thing in his head becomes big)

: To Understate (just the opposite)

: To Give (an open hand)

: To Receive (an open hand but see the arrow)

: To Drop, Let Fall

: To Release (open hand lets thing go)

: To Release (another picto for the same meaning)

: To Release

: To Jump

: To Be Quiet (by contrast with the picto Jump)

: To Like (a smile)

: To Dislike (a grin)


She whispered something but I couldn't hear :

I will sing a song that you will like :

The people out of work increased this year :

I don't eat much. I don't like to get fat :

I received all the things you gave me :


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