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Section 48

The writing of science

The next section follows with the corresponding vocabulary.
It is obvious that Pictography will have to develop much further if it wants to become a
written language apt to be used in science. Nevertheless, the situation is not as limited
at this stage as one might think. Let's take at random a text on Chemistry from a book,

Reaction rate:

  1. Chemical reactions proceed at different speeds depending on the nature of the reacting substances and the type of chemical transformation desired.
  2. For a given set of reactants, the speed of the reaction will vary with the temperature or
    pressure imposed on the reacting system and the amounts of the reactants used.
  3. For a simple reaction, such as one in which A is being converted to B (A -> B) the
    reaction will proceed at a fast rate at the start of the process and will gradually slow
    down as A becomes depleted.
  4. In some cases the addition of a substance not itself a reactant, called a catalyst,
    accelerates a reaction that normally takes place at a very slow rate.

The next section follows with the corresponding vocabulary.


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