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Section 45.5

Britain   France   Germany

The British flag, the Eiffel Tower of Paris with a national flag and the Brandenburg Gate of Berlin also with a national flag, all of them on the picto Land. As nouns they mean the respective countries. But as these pictos are pointing to the noun Languages, they become adjectives and can be understood easily once the reader is explained their meaning, as British, French and German.

On the other hand, only few countries have a well known landmark or flag that serves as identification. The United States and Japan could be also good examples. But for most countries we have to write their own name using the Western alphabet and written in their own language when possible or the name best know internationally. In the case of China we can use the sign written in Chinese which is very easy to retain:

Language. We have explained some lines before (Section 46.1) the meaning of the oval that surrounds a picto. Someans People and the compound picto means therefore People's Speech that is, Language.

Compromise Both men agree in the middle of the field. It is a
transaction or compromise.

Fail. The man tried to jump but failed.

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